On January 24th, 1996, Dave was enjoying a few hours of night skiing at Alpental in the Snoqualmie pass. It was a great night - it had been snowing furiously all day and while he was there. All in all, pretty fun. Until he fell over and his MCL was partially torn and the PCL ruptured (both in his left knee). This lead to surgery to repair the MCL and replace (!) the PCL which lead to physical therapy which lead to meeting Monica (who had also bashed her knee skiing) who introduced Dave to Barbara. Lesson: if you're looking for a wife, subject yourself to a painful injury.

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That's me on the right about two weeks after surgery. The upside is I met Monica (who tore her ACL also while skiing), who introduced me to her sister Barbara. We fell in love.

Who's that other guy? That's Raman Sarin, a coworker of mine at the time. He had torn his meniscus while training for a great winter of skiing. I tormented him for this. That very evening, I had my accident. What goes around, comes around!